How To Make More Money In Real Estate - Borino Coaching For Agents

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How To Make More Money In Real Estate - Borino Coaching For Agents
First live real estate coaching session with Borino. How to prospect for better seller leads, where to find motivated real estate clients, how to get more appointments, price your listings better...and earn more commissions so you can become a successful real estate agent (or a broker).

The following questions will be answered:
I thought I could do both circle prospecting and call expireds/FSBOs, but I soon realized that your expired list and FSBO numbers accumulate after you've been calling them awhile.So I really don't have time to circle prospect and work expireds/FSBOS, do you think its okay if you just stick to one list (in this case expireds/Fsbos)? Also, isn't it better to go after Expireds/FSBO's since they are a targeted list?

I have a question regarding Borino's tip of being an expert in your real estate market. How do you specifically define one's market area. I live about 30 minutes from my office and prefer to work my home area. Although most of the people I work with tend to be in the area surrounding my office and outlying areas. How do you become an expert of all of those areas? If I just stick with my home area and get a call about a property I may not be familiar. Does this just come with time or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
P.S. I have asked my broker and he just says to view as many properties as possible. I could spend all day every day doing that. How does one have that time?

Which lead system is working better for realtors?

I just finished my first year in Real Estate. There have been a few fellow agents talking about joining a team. These are hard working agents and It got me thinking, what would it take to just form our own team? Of course I am going to study this option on my own, but if anyone has done this, any insight would help.

I met with a possible listing Sunday. They were told that they will get $288k for there house. Doing my search I told them there house will sell for around $245k. They kept telling me that the other realtor told me..... will you recommend for me to pay for an appraisal before going further?

When do you add a contact (a FSBO or an expired listing prospect) to your CRM? After you've spoken with them? Or at initial contact?

Your email to expired " quick question" really works!! However it's like a promise to sellers that I have a buyer, at least they really think that I do. A lot of them responded send them over! Haha. So when I called to follow up, one them asked, so do you have a buyer and when I told them I don't know since I didn't see their house yet, but at that point I felt a great disappointment. Maybe I handled it the wrong way. How would you handle it in your follow up call and they think I have a buyer?

Plus...the best direct mail pieces, how to set up your CRM follow up system, pricing your listings right..and much more!

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